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What can cause your windshield to crack

One day you’re driving, a rock kicks up and comes flying through the air, hits your windshield and a crack shows up on your glass. Life happens and sometimes when driving you may get a cracked windshield; it may not even be your fault but it happens. Maybe you were minding your own business, not driving fast and not driving close to the car in front of you. Regardless of the reason, these things happen and now you have a cracked windshield that needs replacing. We can help you! Although it may be a small, that crack can spread and over time it may get worse, especially with warmer temperature that is inevitable in Arizona and Florida. Here are some ways that your windshield can crack on your vehicle.


Sometimes when it is abnormally hot or cold outside, your windshield can be weakened and because of this your vehicle can easily crack or break if there is any impact done to it. Also, there is stress that can be done to your windshield if your car or truck is left in the sun for too long. The suns rays can not only weaken your glass, but also cause tint to damage and unravel. So be careful and watch out during both the summer and winter with your vehicle, and DO NOT leave it in the sun for too long.

The Faster and Closer You Are to A Vehicle the More Prone to Damage

Just like the laws of physics, driving faster or closer can put your vehicle at more risk to rocks and other debris hitting your windshield. When driving, it is EXTREMELY crucial that you do not drive too close to another vehicle (because of obvious reasons) and/or drive too fast while on the freeway. Not only is driving faster and closer to other vehicles a safety hazard, but this will leave your vehicle more at risk to getting windshield damage. Driving faster means that objects may kick up from other cars, and if you are driving faster than usual then those objects may cause heavier impact, thus causing more damage. Driving closer to any vehicles can also have the same effect, as driving closer will leave your vehicle more at risk for objects hitting your car/truck that tires may kick up on the road.

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