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Why you should change your cracked glass in the summer

Over here at Pro AGC Auto Glass, we know the frustrations that come with summer. Hotter weather, more traveling and looking to stay cool is what is on most of our minds. With the warmer weather vastly approaching us, here are some reasons why you should never drive with a crack in your windshield during the summer!

Hot Weather Will Make It Worse

The way a crack spreads on a windshield, depends on the temperature of the glass. Depending on how hot or cold class is, the stress will worsen on a glass if it is hotter or colder than normal room temperature. This stress on the glass makes it more susceptible to breaks when driving. Temperature weakens the glass, thus it making your windshield more open for cracks to happen. With the heat of Arizona and Florida in the summer, a small crack can also easily spread to wider areas in your windshield. Leaving it out in the sun for too long can definitely do the damage.

Traveling More Often Can Cause More Damage

As summer quickly approaches and with the unbearable heat staring down at us, we may decide to travel more and take more vacations. Taking more vacations means more traveling and because you are using your vehicle more, windshield cracks are at a higher probability of happening. Whether you are traveling from city to city, or state to state, you are using your vehicle and mileage more, which puts your car/truck more at risk.

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